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A Parents' Guide
David Pomarino in cooperation with Dr. Anneke Thren, Dr. Klaus Marquard, Dr. Markus Stachon, Oliver Umbach, Stefaniie Morigeau
Toe Walking
Different types, therapies, 3-step therapy according to Pomarino and more.
Published May 2018

 The first parents' guide to tiptoe walking. Unfortunately, tiptoe gait in children is often not treated at all or treated incorrectly. Targeted diagnostics and early therapy are important for the course of this disease and to avoid serious consequential damage. This guidebook offers the parents concerned assistance in the selection of the correct diagnostic procedures and therapies.
Excerpt from the preface:


The editor: David Pomarino
Physiotherapist, additional training in sensory integration therapy (SI), spiral dynamics, biomechanics, head and lecturer for Bobath courses at the Schaumburg advanced training seminar, head of the Pomarino practice in Hamburg, honorary doctor of the Bolivian medical association "Colegio Medico de La Paz".

New publication from May 2018 - 35 pages,
Price: Germany 12,50 Euro - incl. VAT. - plus shipping only within the EU.

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